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I need to unlink my old no longer there PSN ID from my FFXIV ac

  • My old psn was permanently banned for having an inappropriate id. I called Sony and had a new ID made and I was unbanned. My DCUO and Destiny characters that were linked to my old ID are still there and I'm able to play with them no problem. With FFXIV though when I try to login in, it tells me that my FFXIV News is linked to an existing PSN ID but that ID no longer exists. I called Square Enix support where I explained the situation and was told to wait for an email from tech support ff14store . I asked for a time frame and was told that there wasn't one.

    I was also told to buy the pc version and play on that, I have no PC that can handle the game. And the thing is if there's a solution to this and I am able to continue playing on my PS4 then I want to do that. I don't want to spend money on a PC to play this game at the moment especially since I just recently upgraded to the PS4(which was a gift). Since I feel like there won't be a solution to my problem any time soon I decided to unsubscribe to the game.

    Is there anything else that can be done? I searched psn banned on here and found a similar situation that someone had but that was posted over a year ago and there wasn't a solution.