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Make Founder Pack rewards show up for every new character

  • Make them character bound, since I paid a premium price, i expect every one of my character get the special items upon creation. Say I try out a class I don't like and I already used my items Cheap Blade And Soul Gold , I want to be able to change servers, delete that character, and create a new one.

    I want my founder pack items on that new character. I don't want to muck around with expensive(early game expensive) mailing fees and restrictions, I don't want to worry about bound weapon skins, I don't want to worry about ANYTHING.

    I just want the exclusive items I paid for to show up on the new character and get into the game. Many other games have this working without any problems.

    Yeah I am peed off...
    I pay a ton of money to only get it on one character!?
    Someone said to me to mail it to myself... not sure if it mails to another server!!!?
    Hey Devs just let us have it on every toon... then we can move from the higher pop server Mushin and then no one will be frustrated anymore... please help us

    I am requesting a refund right now. I wish they made it like GW2 their packs with the pets and ring get sent to every new character. A new item is sent upon character creation otherwise if u already unlock the skin and put in your wardrobe then it wont be sent out. I guess I will use my money to buy Blade And Soul Gold the Black Desert Pack

    And? It ain't like we're playing other NCSOFT games (or will continue to in the future, with this sort of behavior from their side). Things were bad enough during Aion days, and now this.

    EDIT: Have you noticed there is no support forum, but Player to Player support? Doesn't seem to be anyone answering support tickets during the weekend. Nice head start...