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Bright lights of Finland

  • If you want to see a real beauty of your nature, North of Finland is absolutely for you. There you can visit the residence of Santa Claus, try their tasty cuisine, ride dogs and so on. If you have already tried all these things, I have something special for you. Northern Lights is natural phenomenon. To my mind, it’s an absolutely new trend in tourism. In this article you will find the useful information about how, when and where to see this incredibly beautiful Northern Lights.

    Choose a location

    The best place to see the Northern Lights is Lapland. You can ask why exactly Lapland? And the answer will be very simple: there are perfect conditions. The area of Lapland is big, but the population is very small.

    All areas that are located to north of Rovaniem are above the Arctic Circle. It is getting dark very quickly in the winter. And it’s a great chance to see this colorful spectacle.

    Getting a chance

    There are over 200 days of the year when you can see the Northern Lights. But it depends on the region and weather. For example, the chance to see it in Kilpisjarvi is very low, because of the cloudless weather. In Oulu you can see the lights every fourth day. However, in Sodankyla your chance increases and you can observe it every other night. And one more news is that next year looks promising.

    The best time to see the Northern Lights

    The greatest time to see it is September-October and February-March. But, actually, the season begins from August to April. The weather has to be cold and without clouds. And the best time for it is from 22.00 until midnight.

    There are a lot of different forecasts because there is no schedule for Northern Lights. For example, iPhone apps, the American Institute of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Space Weather from NASA, local forecasts and so on.

    Where is the best place to observe?

    To my mind, Kilpisjarvi is the best place. This village is located near the border. It is not far from Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The advantage of staying there is a chance to see really bright lights. And only one disadvantage is a long road. You will never find any night clubs or something like this, but you can travel wherever you want.

    Northern Light is a unique phenomenon. So, it’s better to see it with your own eyes. That’s a real masterpiece.

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